Simple Meeting Room AV For Major Utilities Provider

A Major Utilities Provider in the western U.S. asked RoomReady and Presidio to simplify their installation process and wanted a meeting room model it could easily replicate, allowing the utilities provider to roll out new spaces quicker.

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Audio Visual Solutions Northeastern Banking Leader

Each support customer has slightly different needs. But ultimately, they want meeting room technology to work as intended every single time. For one Northeast bank, there are several types of support that they needed to ensure their 44 buildings would work well.

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Audio Visual for Mercy Medical Center

Baltimore-based Mercy Medical Center needed a solution that would allow it to hold effective hybrid meetings. RoomReady and IT partner Red River needed to solve challenges in their boardroom. By integrating new solutions with their existing AV technology we were able to simplify the experience and quickly deliver a highly functional room.

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Audio Visual Solutions for a Global Lifestyle Brand

As offices began to reopen post-COVID, many executives struggled with the new realities of hybrid work – but not this global lifestyle brand. It had long embraced a flexible workplace and supported a video-first culture for its in-office and remote workers. In fact, the explosion of remote working technology gave the company a golden opportunity to further strengthen its AV solutions.

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AV for Atlanta Healthcare Organization

When a large, Atlanta-based healthcare organization needed to upgrade and refresh 40 of its existing meeting rooms, it knew it needed expert advice to get the job done right. Employees wanted meeting rooms that provided simplicity, ease of use and consistency. The problem? They were frustrated by the lack of current room functionalities and the sub-par experiences they encountered during each meeting.

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Hybrid Learning Solutions for NYC School

United Nations International School serving more than 1,500 K-12 students in the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Queens decided to tackle the challenge of remote learning – and adopt advanced technology that would be viable both during and after the pandemic.

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AV Solutions for DeVry University

DeVry University, which today serves 20,000+ students across more than 45 locations and online, wanted a way to bring students and faculty together for a more engaging online learning experience. The university sought an intuitive instructional platform that its full-time and visiting professors could operate with minimal – or even zero – training.

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AV Solutions for National Insurance Provider

One of the country’s largest insurance companies decided it was time for a meeting room refresh. The insurance company turned to a St. Louis-based technology service provider to help with the project who then tapped RoomReady as the AV integrator.

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Upgraded Zoom Rooms for Auto Group

Like many companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, Zeigler Auto Group – headquartered in Michigan, with dealerships throughout Illinois and Indiana – needed to revamp its meeting rooms to keep employees connected across the Midwest. And also like many companies, Zeigler selected Zoom as its new meeting platform of choice.

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Consistent Meeting Rooms for Large Financial Company

When a New-York-based accounting, tax, and advisory firm decided it was time to renovate its U.S. office locations, it capitalized on the opportunity to standardize all meeting rooms and equip them with modern, easy-to-use video conferencing technology.

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AV Solutions for Indiana County Government

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the director of IT for a Northeastern Indiana county quickly realized he had a serious issue: the county’s government couldn’t conduct the basic meetings it needed to function due to increased in-person restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.

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Global Electronics Manufacturer

When a Leading Electronics Manufacturer needed a vendor who could install the room in a week or less, RoomReady delivered. With continued support and training, everyone at the company can easily use the rooms.

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Audio Visual Solutions for Asset Management Firm

Investment firms expect to deal with risk – but not when it comes to something as critical as the meeting room technology in their offices. Unfortunately, that was just the challenge one storied investment and asset management firm faced. When their employees wanted to launch a simple meeting with videoconferencing technology, it was truly like playing roulette.

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