Video conferencing solutions offer seamless virtual collaboration experiences, connecting individuals and teams across various locations with high-quality audio and video capabilities. From small meeting rooms to expansive divisible spaces, these solutions cater to diverse room types, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to your specific needs.

When end users in need of a video collaboration solution come to RoomReady, we take the time to learn about how they plan to use the solution in their office using our proven process, The RoomReady Way. Knowing their use case we can recommend a video meeting solution that works for them. Get in touch to discuss an integrated solution to your video conferencing needs.

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RoomReady has the expertise to design, deploy, and support a wide range of video meeting spaces. From huddle spaces and conference rooms to multi-way divisible rooms and every space in between.

Our RoomReady room menus are a series of pre-designed and proven solutions, that include everything you need for a certified video conferencing system:

  • Proven solutions from huddle rooms to large divisible training rooms
  • Comprehensive, clear pricing
  • Complete engineering assets package
  • Written functional overviews

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