Because meeting rooms and end user needs constantly change, technology must also evolve to keep pace. That’s where our Tech Lab comes into play. With the RoomReady Tech Lab, businesses can have different AV technology options tested to see how well they work together and determine the greatest meeting room needs.

The lab helps solve meeting room AV challenges, including:

  • Creating multi-platform environments
  • Ensuring the meeting room experience provides digital equity for in-person and remote participants
  • Optimizing ROI while delivering solutions based on short and long-term end user needs.
  • User experience comparisons between meeting platforms
  • Camera testing
  • Interoperable solutions assessment
  • Needs analysis, including budget, by environment

What can the Tech Lab do for you?

Whether you’re struggling with multi-platform concerns as employees return to work, want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your current meeting room solutions or just looking for new and innovative ways to improve your meeting spaces, our Tech Lab experts will help get you there.