Simple Meeting Room AV For Major Utilities Provider

When the team at a major utilities provider in the western U.S. originally brought in RoomReady based on the recommendation of its IT services provider Presidio, there were no plans for a long-lasting partnership – it was supposed to be a single request to fix up some meeting rooms at the company’s former headquarters outside Las Vegas. The utilities provider had hired another integrator on an install that hadn’t gone according to plan, and they need the room fixed quickly. 

But that project quickly transformed into a larger ask. RoomReady, alongside Presidio, won the provider’s business and was tasked with designing rooms for the company’s new corporate headquarters, also just outside Las Vegas. After the successful installation of the new headquarters, the utilities provider tried out a different integrator to cut costs, but ultimately brought RoomReady back in when those spaces didn’t meet its standards. 

“In the battle of price vs. quality, price won,” said Ken Ries, Project Manager at Presidio. “However, it speaks to the strength of RoomReady’s work that the utilities company once again turned to their team for the fix. RoomReady continually demonstrates how their install processes and completeness are a cut above.”

Blueprint for Success

With RoomReady back in the fold, the utilities provider asked the AV integrator to work with Presidio on simplifying the install process. It wanted a meeting room model it could easily replicate, allowing the utilities provider to roll out new spaces quicker. 

RoomReady and Presidio got to work designing a variety of room standards fit for the provider’s facilities, including huddle spaces, small, medium and large conference rooms. The approved solutions gave the provider a standard menu for what hardware would be needed for each space, including display size, which camera bar best suites the room and whether additional microphones and speakers would be needed to provide a consistent experience for users.

“Every meeting room has multiple moving AV parts, and because each space is a different size, it’s difficult to design one standardized solution,” Ries said. “The work Presidio and RoomReady completed helps take the complication out of figuring out exactly which solutions are needed for which space. Everything down to where to hang the TV on the wall is laid out in these blueprints.” 

Room Designs Made Simpler

As RoomReady and Presidio launched the new room solutions, their customer now has an easier way to scale its meeting room development projects. Each time the utilities provider wants to install or upgrade new solutions, it doesn’t have to start the process from scratch. “The goals are scalability and efficiency,” Reis said. 

“As the provider expands its facilities, it can use learnings from building earlier rooms to help speed up the design of meeting spaces with similar square footage. Together with RoomReady, we’ve taken the complexity out of installation and given a major utility provider the spaces they need to be productive.”

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