Consistent Meeting Rooms for Large Financial Company

When a New-York-based accounting, tax, and advisory firm decided it was time to renovate its U.S. office locations, it capitalized on the opportunity to standardize all meeting rooms and equip them with modern, easy-to-use video conferencing technology.

During the renovation planning process, the 3,000-plus employee-company, realized that each office had its own audio visual (AV) integrator. This created inconsistent conference room experiences, with unreliable equipment, particularly for employees who often traveled to and worked from different offices nationwide.

The company’s needs were simple: to have standardized, consistent conference room experiences and technology that didn’t require the help of IT every time meetings were conducted. Prior to the upgrade, the company’s IT support team was heavily involved in setting up meetings because of the various ways each conference room functioned.

RoomReady was recommended by their current IT reseller partner as its AV integration partner to get the job done, quickly, efficiently, and hassle-free.

Simple, repeatable meeting room experience realized

Being an accounting firm, it’s no surprise that the company wanted to agree upon the financials early on. RoomReady presented a list of standard room solutions with clear and comprehensive pricing to streamline the process.

This room menu – a catalog of meeting room solutions from huddle rooms to large, divisible training rooms – allowed the meeting room prices to be agreed upon ahead of time rather than being reviewed every time, providing efficiency and speed for both the company and IT partner.

The company selected a combination of Cisco Webex Room Kit series units, like the Mini which is an AI-powered video conferencing unit designed for the huddle rooms that combines codec, camera, microphones, and speakers into a single device; Cisco-enabled conference rooms that were repeatable throughout all office locations; lobby spaces with modern, appealing, customizable digital signage.

The process for delivering the company’s meeting rooms was simple: the IT partner generated the quotes and RoomReady delivered the meeting rooms. Plus, RoomReady preassembled most of the components offsite so it could quickly deploy rooms and minimize downtime, which was particularly helpful in the company’s high-traffic locations. RoomReady delivered better meeting room experiences – from reduced need for IT support staff to be on hand during meetings to rooms that are intuitive, repeatable, and easy to use.

Meeting room investment well worth the price

As with any office installation, choosing the right IT services and integration partner is an investment. And when it came to investing in RoomReady, a systems engineer for the company said the money spent has been well worth it, especially since once a job is completed, there’s no need for a technician to come back three or four times to fix technology that should’ve been working from the day it was installed. There’s no downtime. Rooms work as they should. And users can easily run the show themselves without IT’s help.

RoomReady never left a jobsite until someone from their engineering team, was satisfied and signed off on everything. Additionally, RoomReady’s certification process, which is backed by a 90-day warranty, ensures that every piece of equipment is tested so when it leaves a site, the need to return to fix things simply doesn’t exist.

The huddle rooms and conference rooms provide an industry-leading consistent collaboration experience that is second to none – rich in functionality, and user experience. And the lobby areas are modern, interactive, and sophisticated.

In short, the spaces that the IT services firm and RoomReady delivered are visually pleasing, technology-rich, easy to use and well work the cost.

Self-sufficiency enabled, reliance on IT reduced

According to the systems engineer for the company, “The meeting rooms delivered by RoomReady are as close to self-service as possible, so the need for IT support is minimal. So far, we’ve only had issues with the rooms that haven’t been redone, yet.”

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