AV Solutions for National Insurance Provider

For most businesses, superior connectivity to offices across the country is important. For an insurance giant with more than 20,000 employees and 40,000 independent agents, it’s absolutely essential.

That’s why one of the country’s largest insurance companies decided it was time for a meeting room refresh. The company sought a technology provider that could

  1. Serve as a Cisco consultant and integrate with its preferred Cisco meeting endpoints
  2. Reduce complexity and failure points in their conference rooms
  3. Install quickly to minimize interruption of meeting space usage.

RoomReady delivered value on two fronts: it simplified the service provider’s process to respond to RFPs, and transformed the insurance company’s meeting rooms to maximize the capabilities of its Cisco technology.

RoomReady integrated AV technology to this conference room

​​A partnership designed for the most complex projects

Launching a project to refresh 500 meeting rooms of varying sizes is no easy task. That’s why RoomReady’s unique approach to reducing complexity was critical in the technology provider’s decision to work with the AV integrator.

RoomReady’s thoroughness and detailed documentation helped the technology service provider kick the project off on the right foot. RoomReady worked with the service provider to speed up the RFP process by utilizing its Room Menus offering – pre-defined pricing for a full suite of room types, ranging from simple huddle rooms to divisible training spaces. The Room Menu options allowed the service provider to simply pick the right meeting room technology for the insurance company’s Cisco endpoints and quickly obtain a transparent quote.

The service provider also found RoomReady’s team easy to work with throughout the planning phase. In fact, both worked together to lay out each step of the project, as well as confirm project responsibilities, including determining early on the service provider would provide the Cisco hardware and all WebEx licensing and services.

A meeting room built for today’s workplace – both physically and digitally

With the project’s foundation in place, it was time for RoomReady and the service provider to get to work. RoomReady launched the refresh by showing the insurance company its unique RoomReady Set, designed to eliminate complexity and potential failure points around each room’s meeting display. The wall-mounted rack neatly housed the conference room equipment behind the display. Because equipment and cabling are assembled at RoomReady’s staging facility, installation was faster and easier. In addition, articulated mounts specified with the Set allowed even the largest displays to extend out, so technicians could easily access all components.

As a Cisco certified service provider, RoomReady also brought the knowhow the insurance company required to ensure the AV equipment integrated with the Webex meeting platform. RoomReady worked with the service provider to examine the insurance company’s room inventory and determine which video equipment needed to be installed in which room. Finally, it rolled out Cisco Touch10 panels for each room, allowing easier control of the insurance company’s Samsung displays.

Working together to improve the meeting room experience

RoomReady exceeded each of the technology service provider’s expectations – from the moment the partnership began. For the service provider, it meant a simpler RFP process and clearer delineation of tasks. For the insurance business, it meant meeting rooms that were easier to maintain. For all parties, it meant a room installation experience that could be described with one word: simple.

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