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RoomReady's AV designs for collaborative classrooms

DeVry University, which today serves 20,000+ students across more than 45 locations and online, wanted a way to bring students and faculty together for a more engaging online learning experience. The university sought an intuitive instructional platform that its full-time and visiting professors could operate with minimal – or even zero – training. 

So, DeVry’s IT team went in search for both a videoconferencing technology provider and an AV integrator that could meet its unique needs. “We didn’t want a high-tech approach with lots of cables and mixing boards,” said Chris Campbell, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Technology. 

“We wanted an easy button-style approach that would allow bi-directional video engagement between students and the professor, so no matter where each was, students felt as if they were participating directly with the rest of the class.”

RoomReady rising to the occasion

DeVry needed an integrator that could simplify the in-classroom experience while working flawlessly with video conferencing software. It invited several AV integrators to set up pilots at four facilities and demonstrate their solution’s capabilities. Ultimately, the university selected RoomReady for its innovative approach to the unique challenge.

“When we saw all the capabilities that RoomReady had, we were sold,” said Paul Kanalas, Solutions Manager for Classroom Instructional Technologies.

RoomReady demonstrated its Cisco Compatible integrated room solution during the pilot. Cisco offered a higher-quality video experience and was willing to work closely with DeVry to mold its videoconferencing solution to the university’s needs, Campbell said, leading the university to choose a RoomReady/Cisco solution.

Thinking outside the box

Part of DeVry’s classroom overhaul included developing a pressure pad-less solution that could allow a camera to track the professor across the room, with the dual goal of removing a potential tripping hazard and eliminating the need for video production teams. It also needed an easy-to-use interface for managing in-room technology and limiting the need for IT support.
RoomReady experts designed innovative solutions for both challenges: an intuitive, iPad-based five-button interface to make launching and controlling AV equipment easier, and as well as a way to ensure the camera follows the instructor as he/she lectures – technology that didn’t exist at the time.

“RoomReady really thought out of the box and came up with an ingenious solution – a virtual pressure pad – which was a simple experience for faculty,” Campbell said. “All they needed to do was walk into the room when class was ready to start, fire up the iPad and begin class. It’s that easy.”

Getting equipment where it needs to go

DeVry’s charge for RoomReady stretched beyond tech solutions – it also needed a partner that could work with its existing building infrastructures to install the necessary hardware. For example, RoomReady installed steel posts, where needed, to ensure the displays were mounted where they needed to be.

DeVry’s IT team was also impressed with RoomReady’s patented wall mounted rack, RoomReady Set, which neatly nestled classroom AV equipment, including cables, behind the mounted display. The Set came with articulated wall mounts that allow the classroom displays to extend out, providing technicians easy access to all components.

Bringing it all together - and fast

As the RoomReady team moved from system design to installation, a time crunch set in – DeVry wanted the renovated classrooms running prior to its spring semester, and installation began in November. The RoomReady team was able to meet that goal, deploying all 27 sites in a matter of weeks with few hiccups. Today, the RoomReady team can roll out a DeVry VideoConnected Classroom in just four days.

“It was impressive to watch the RoomReady team staff up, find people and get everything running as it should,” Campbell said. “They’ve been very easy to work with.”

RoomReady delivers an easy, engaging online experience

Even after several years of operating the technology, DeVry continually hears from professors who are pleased with the ease of operation, and students who appreciate a level of engagement that was once missing from the online learning experience.

As more students seek a college education that fits around their schedule without sacrificing the engagement provided by the on-campus experience, DeVry’s Video-Connected Classrooms from Cisco and RoomReady have delivered a unique and engaging experience for students and faculty.

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