The Need for Speed: Hustle Smart Impact on AV Installations

At RoomReady, one of our Core Values is Hustle Smart. We believe thinking AND doing are equally important for success. It’s an AND for us, not an OR. Our proven process is built around doing both to ensure we are providing AV services and all necessary AV hardware faster throughout every project.

So, what does this mean for our customers? We intentionally focus on specific areas that will speed up a project.  Our non-conventional approach allows us to deliver consistent solutions in less time than our competitors can even get a quote pulled together. Let’s take a deeper look.

We make progress during “downtime”

Construction projects are full of downtime as project managers work to get all the trades into a space to get their specific things done. We have found that one of the best ways to speed up a project is to use the “downtime” to prepare for a quick installation when it is time.

Our unique approach to AV integration allows us to deliver quicker than other AV integrators, who often look at this time as a period when no work can be done. Specifically:

  • We pre-build the components of the solution in our Assembly facility. Often the solution is assembled directly into the RoomReady Set, our patented wall mounted rack, which dramatically reduces on-site work.
  • We test system functionalities and document the solution which helps with on-site efficiency and future troubleshooting.
  • We strategically pack the system to ensure installation is quick.

We reduce the impact of other’s schedules

Typical linear construction planning causes long timelines and if the timing item slips, it impacts everyone downstream. Being at the mercy of other people’s schedules causes inefficiencies.

At RoomReady, we have found ways to effectively reduce the impact of others’ schedules. Our RoomReady Set allows us to deliver solutions that require less cables, reducing our reliance on electrical contractors to run complex wiring. Also, since the Set is an enclosure that holds all the AV components, we can hang it “out of sequence”. As an example, we can install it before the drywall finishing has been done and simply wrap it to protect the technology during that work.

These innovations allow us to keep to our own schedules, for the most part, and avoid expanding construction timelines.

We deliver consistency for ongoing speed

Pre-building solutions in our Assembly facility delivers design consistency and documentation allowing us to speed up ongoing maintenance. Imagine how effectively our remote support team can troubleshoot an issue with someone on-site by referring to the documentation. Or, how quickly a high-demand room can get back up and running by swapping a common component from another room instead of waiting for a replacement to arrive.

Speed matters

Hustle Smart is a mindset, not just a metric. The goal is to deliver exceptional solutions AND do it quickly. If only one is achieved, was the project really a success? We don’t think so, and that drives us every day to find ways to make both things happen.

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