Department Spotlight: Assembly

On any given workday, you can walk into the RoomReady Warehouse in Bloomington, IL and you’ll be greeted by the faint sound of music and the smell of coffee in the air. As you walk down the hallway and into Assembly area, the music grows louder and you’ll find RoomReady’s staging technicians at a series of workstations looking over line drawings, labeling cables, and testing connections.

Taking a closer look at each workstation, you begin to see the personality of the technicians behind their down-to-earth nature. You’ll find pictures of family and friends, a variety of stickers adorning toolboxes, friendly notes from other technicians, and personal reminders like “Samsung use red” as a reminder of which cables to use. Regardless of their individual set ups, the work the technicians do is vital to the success, reliability, and efficiency of RoomReady.

The Assembly Team is responsible for meticulously building and testing designed solutions. Field Operations Director, Chris Plym oversees the team’s methodical work. The Assembly Team receives line drawings, a technical blueprint of a designed solution, and a bill of materials from Project Management. This kicks off the process, but before assembly can start, inventory needs to be reviewed and additional materials may need to be ordered. Once all materials are in hand, the assembly team begins precisely building each solution to specification.

The build of each solution is unique, but the standards remain the same:

  • Cables and wires are labeled at both ends for easy identification.
  • Hardware is mounted securely within the desired set mount or rack.
  • Connections and power are tested to ensure they are working properly.
  • Technicians record serial numbers, MAC addresses, and enter IP information if it’s available.
  • Solutions are proven to be functional for its’ given video platform(s).

The Assembly Team is at the center of the RoomReady Way, a proven six-step process of true collaboration, delivering quick and painless solutions for users. Thanks to the dedication of this team, RoomReady reduces the amount of time spent on installation, which means fewer interruptions for end-users.

Posts by: Izzi Demara

Izzi Demara

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