The RoomReady Review – November & December 2021

The RoomReady Review - September 2020
Vol 21 • November/December 2021
RoomReady takes home W3 Award
Department Spotlight: Assembly 
The Need for Speed: Hustle Smarts Impact on AV Installation 
Speed matters. We’re so accustomed to having things available at the drop of a hat that we’ve started to feel that if it isn’t fast, it isn’t worth it.  
The problem with speed though is that quickness rarely results in quality. Instead, speed is viewed as something rushed, something trying to get out the door, checking a box, you name it. 
At RoomReady, we take a different approach to speed, one that is baked into our company value of Hustle Smart. Our goal is to maximize our project efficiencies, allowing us to use “downtime” in installations to pre-build, test, optimize and more. This means providing the speed that customers come to expect, but also delivering the quality and consistency to support their experience.  
As you start to look at your projects on the horizon, don’t just look at who can do it the quickest, but the process behind the work. Because speed without quality can only spell trouble. 

Aaron McArdle
CEO, RoomReady
RoomReady Wins 2021 W3 Award

RoomReady was awarded a W3 award for our recently launched brand video: We innovate. You collaborate. The video took home a Silver award in the "Branded Entertainment - Products & Services" category.

Receiving more than 3,000 entries across the globe, the W3 Awards honor outstanding digital work.

Department Spotlight: Assembly Department
On any given workday, you can walk into the RoomReady Warehouse in Bloomington, IL and you’ll be greeted by the faint sound of music and the smell of coffee in the air. As you walk down the hallway and into Assembly area, the music grows louder and you’ll find our staging technicians at a series of workstations looking over line drawings, labeling cables, and testing connections.  

The Need for Speed: Hustle Smarts Impacts on AV Installations
At RoomReady’s, one of our Core Values is Hustle Smart. We believe thinking AND doing are equally important for success. It’s an AND for us not an OR. Our proven process, solutions, products, and mindset are built around doing both to ensure we are making things faster throughout a project.   

When it comes to project management, only 51% are finished on-schedule.
Managing installations can be a tedious and lengthy project—but it shouldn’t be. Look for an AV integrator that minimizes downtime by working out of sequence.

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