Three Reasons Why No Meeting Room is Set Without the Set

Want to know an AV secret? The key to a successful meeting space isn’t the size or the space itself. Yes, those things factor in, and you might want a little more distance between you and your co-workers if someone brought in onion bagels today; and a modern, and newly renovated space might feel nicer than the outdated wood paneling in your basement. But just because the room has been updated and has enough space to hold every in-office employee comfortably doesn’t mean you’re good to go.

What really matters is how effectively you use the space available. Every piece of technology that we use at RoomReady is designed to help you optimize space. For example, the RoomReady Set – our patented wall-mounted AV rack, elevates your display so that everyone can see it, while giving you back the space it might otherwise take up sitting on a TV stand or even on the conference table.

Of course, that’s just the most visible benefit the Set offers. Aside from saving space, the Set sets you up for success from the moment installation begins, to whenever you’re meeting in the room, and even to when AV maintenance is required. Here’s how:


Installation: When Out of Sight is On Your Mind

Traditionally, the assembly of an AV solution goes something like this: as your project gets underway, box after box shows up at your office, taking up space in the meeting room or in storage. Your AV integrator

arrives to set up the system and might even discover some parts are missing – requiring another order and delaying the installation further. Even with all equipment on hand, the installer will now build the AV rack as they’re assembling the rest of the room, meaning that space will be offline for a week or longer.

The Set, when used to pre-assemble solutions offsite, eliminates lengthy delays and downtime. Our secret sauce: we pre-assemble the components of AV solutions in the Set off-site, keeping mountains of boxes out of your office, and significantly reducing the amount of time your meeting space is offline.


Operation: Fewer Cables, Fewer Problems

The Set eliminates the need for a traditional AV rack, like those stored in a credenza rack or in a separate AV closet, because of the Rack Units and mounting holes built into the Set. Storing your AV Hardware in the Set reduces the need to run cables through ceilings, under floors and through the walls to an AV rack. This saves your installers time, and it saves you money in both material and labor costs.

Two added bonuses: (1) it can be hung centered regardless of where your studs are located allowing you to center it without any hassle and leaving the rest of your wall space open to use as you see fit, and (2) it serves as its own wall backing, eliminating the need to install internal wall backing and saving you significant time and money in additional construction costs.


Maintenance: Easy In, Easy Out

Even the best AV equipment will need occasional maintenance. In a traditional meeting space, that means the IT team will spend valuable time going back and forth from the AV closet to the meeting room trying to pinpoint the issue. Or if you’ve got a two-person IT team, they may be on the phone with each other- one in the AV rack and one in the room, asking each other “Did that work?” Your IT team will thank you for choosing the Set – the addition of an articulating mount makes it easy to access all hardware and cables, leading to faster troubleshooting and getting the room back up and running sooner.

The Set can even remove your need for an AV closet entirely. The Set’s patented open design allows the room’s existing HVAC system to cool all equipment, eliminating the space and money gobbled up by the operation and maintenance of a specialized cooling system.


Ready for the Set? Let’s Go!

Companies across the U.S. have already experienced the space and cost-saving benefits of the Set – in fact, a global lifestyle brand in the U.S. revealed to us that the use of the Set in their headquarters has saved the company $1.2M in construction costs in just two years’ time. We know that you’re in the business of creating a simple yet efficient work model, and we believe your meeting rooms should reflect that mission.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Set, you can visit the product page or reach out at!