Service vs. Support: What’s the Difference, and Why is it Important?

In everything RoomReady does, we aim for a seamless meeting room experience – reducing the steps required to start a meeting, ensuring every participant can be seen and heard, even setting the room environment to the presenter’s liking from the moment they enter.

Of course, we’re also realists. No matter the innovation, the technology will produce hiccups, whether that’s during the install or a year down the road. That’s why RoomReady has designed our support and service offerings to ensure the fix is seamless, keeping room downtime to an absolute minimum.

So how do we offer the right fix? The key is in how our Support & Service teams – very much two different things – work together to offer 360-degree coverage.


When do you need support, and when do you need service?

The answer lies in the scope of your problem.

  • RoomReady’s Support team provides some event support, helping set up AV in larger rooms within our clients’ buildings for big events, but their main job is break-fix support. Say, for instance, you have the volume up to 100 but you still can’t hear remote participants, or your display isn’t turning on/off with the rest of the system. These are bugs in the system that impact expected operations.

For our Support contract customers, the first line of defense our remote support team – we aim to be on the line with you within a few hours – and if the issue can’t be fixed remotely, we get a support tech to your office within three business days. We even offer embedded tech support for faster response.

  • RoomReady’s Service team is focused more on improving your rooms long-term, rather than in-the-moment fixes (but they also moonlight as support techs when needed). This is for when the problem isn’t that sound is muted even though it’s set to 100, but that, for instance, the sound system itself isn’t set up properly by former installers for an optimal meeting experience. If the fix will only take a few days, and it’s not something we’d typically send an install team out to address, our service team can come on-site for the fix.

Service often comes into play when RoomReady is tasked with maintaining a room we didn’t install. In those instances, a service team member will come on-site to document all aspects of the room, creating an inventory for the support team when break-fix issues come up.


Why are both important?

Often times we think about the doctor’s office as a place where we go when we’re sick. That’s true, but doctors also play a role in preventative medicine, keeping our bodies in tip-top shape.

Support and service have a similar relationship. Rooms will inevitably get “sick,” and it’s important that you have support on hand to fix glitches quickly. But as you notice issues with your room that keep it from performing to its full potential, service is there to document the issue and implement fixes that wouldn’t necessarily need a full install team.

Think of RoomReady as your full-service physician. We offer Support packages to complete both pressing fixes and long-term adjustments, and we assign support techs to clients to ensure someone familiar with your specific set-up makes the fix. We give you peace of mind that when you invest in meeting room technology, it’s going to work as promised – or our team will get it fixed.

Interested in learning more about RoomReady’s Support and service capabilities? Check out our full list of offerings here.