The RoomReady Review – November 2020

The RoomReady Review - September 2020
Vol 8 • November 2020
Shopping for an AV Integrator? It’s All About the Process
RoomReady Cares
Zoom Adds Live Captions to Me etings
“Trust the process” is a phrase that defines successful integrations, especially when it comes to installation. Truthfully, we feel it is one of the differences that separates good integrators from great ones.

At RoomReady, we’re proud of our proven process that leads to consistent experiences and happy customers: The RoomReady Way. This approach is designed to simplify your meeting rooms, accelerate your installation times and improve your overall meeting space success. By following this methodology, we’re able to remove unnecessary technology complexity from all meeting rooms. This allows us to create a consistent user experience across all meeting rooms, each and every time.

What makes The RoomReady Way unique? We take a flexible, consultative approach that allows us to:
  • Seamlessly integrate into your projects – meaning we’ll to do the entire project from start to finish or just part of it – depending on your needs
  • Deliver all the solutions you need without unnecessary extras
  • Assemble and test your rooms off-site
  • Provide fast installation that minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency
  • Certify our work – 100% of the time
  • Offer ongoing maintenance to ensure meeting room optimization

I encourage you to learn more about The RoomReady Way and what it can do for your organization.

Aaron McArdle
CEO, RoomReady 
Shopping for an AV Integrator? It's All About the Process
Have you ever tried navigating to a place you’ve never been? Odds are, without a GPS, directions, a map or your cellphone, you’re unlikely to arrive where you’re trying to go. The same thing can be said about your meeting room design and technology. You may have an idea of where you want to be, but don’t have the clear path to get you there…leading to a meeting room full of functional challenges and technical difficulties.
of meeting leaders say that a better meeting room experience is their primary goal when considering new technology.
As you think about your installation processes, make sure you are using the technology to create the desired experience for your customers.
This Holiday Season, RoomReady Cares

The RoomReady Cares program gives our company an amazing way to live out our Core Focus of creating uncommon experiences for customers, employees, and communities. Historically we’ve relied on our employees to bring us opportunities to help others in need and we’ve responded accordingly. This year, we’re excited to continue those efforts while also finding opportunities specific to our Core Niche (Simplifying Meeting Rooms Using Technology). Stay tuned for more updates on exciting new ways RoomReady Cares will be helping others this holiday season.
RoomReady Alumnus Runs for Bloomington Mayor 
Bloomington, Illinois, mayoral candidate Mike Straza says he will lean heavily on his business background with a collaborative approach. Mike helped found ZDI (now RoomReady) in 2007.
Zoom Adds Live Captions to Meetings
Cisco is enhancing user experience with new features to its Webex platform. Among the new capabilities are the ability to pin specific users or speakers, a new way to switch added virtual backgrounds, and the ability to hide non-video participants. Additional noise cancelling capabilities will also be added courtesy of Cisco’s recent acquisition of BabbleLabs. 
Commercial Integrator’s Deep Dive into Remote Work Technology Trends
With every company having a unique work situation, it’s important to look at the updated trends for remote work, hybrid work and everything in between.
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