The RoomReady Review – December 2020

The RoomReady Review - September 2020
Vol 9 • December 2020
Ushering in Meeting Room Simplicity
Webinar Replay: Simplicity in the Meeting Room
The ‘New’ Webex: Cisco Loads Up Features & Functionality
For far too long, AV solutions have been way too complex. Just think of the credenza full of equipment under the display, countless controllers and endless wires.

For a while, it seemed like complexity was a sign of high-end status. An executive boardroom required all the bells and whistles AV could offer. No way simple solutions could support complex meeting room needs.

But it’s time to rethink simple. The truth is complex systems are no longer welcome in today’s meeting spaces. After all, if starting a meeting takes longer than the meeting itself, then something’s clearly wrong.

So, why focus on simple? Because simple is driving the future of work. The notion that “simple” means limited, or even cheap, functionality is long gone.

Instead, simplicity enables businesses to solve complex problems with fewer headaches. Modern employers are pushing for scalable, easily serviceable solutions that match their shifting work environments. Today’s workforce doesn’t have time to deal with disruptions – it wants AV solutions that work simply and work every time.

Consider all the simple innovations that make your life easier. Isn’t it time your meeting space did the same? 

Aaron McArdle
CEO, RoomReady 
Ushering in Meeting Room Simplicity
Complex meeting rooms are dinosaurs. Attendees do not have the time or the patience to deal with multiple plugins, calls to IT for support or meeting disruptions.
In fact, our State of the Meeting Room Survey uncovered 60% of meeting leaders lose at least 5 minutes (and oftentimes more) when technology setbacks occur. 

of meeting leaders say the meeting room environment poses challenges
Strive for simple, intuitive designs that reduce technology issues. 
Room for Heart Podcast Launch

Chief Heart Officer Phil McArdle released the first episode in RoomReady’s Room for Heart podcast series, which is dedicated to discussing the factors that drive today’s meeting professionals.

Simplicity in the Meeting Room: How Simple Tech Drives User Experience

RoomReady and Cisco recently hosted a webinar looking at 6 best practices for creating simple and collaborative meeting spaces.  

New Partner Resources

Our new Partner Program and RoomReady Menu sales sheets are now available on the resource section of

For Conference Room System Integrators, 2021 Looms Large
The future of meeting rooms has likely changed for good, and new technologies could help solve that problem.

Cisco is Buying Slido to Improve Q&A, Polls and Engagement in Webex Videoconferencing
Cisco’s Webex is picking up Slido to further improve text-based Q&As, polls and discussions that accompany video conversations in large-group virtual events.

Microsoft Teams: 49-Person Grid is Coming to Chrome and Edge, as Breakout Rooms Arrive
Microsoft's 49-person Large Gallery and its AI-powered mode for putting remote people in the same virtual room are coming to web users on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

The ‘New’ Webex: Cisco Loads Up Features & Functionality
With its biggest upgrade ever, Cisco’s “new” Webex will include new features, user interface tools and devices.

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