RoomReady explores the importance of meeting room data on campus in Facilities Manager

Students aren’t the only ones learning on today’s college campuses. As facilities managers gather more data and analytics from their meeting rooms and classrooms, they’re making faster, more evidence-based decisions on how to utilize meeting spaces. They’re learning how to reduce pain points inside the meeting room, simplify room booking, and conserve energy to remain in line with campus sustainability goals.

In a new article with Facilities Manager, I discuss three ways advanced data capture technologies provide solutions to your campus meeting room woes. In the process, I address the sobering results from our first-ever State of the Meeting Room survey. Sixty-five percent of survey respondents – meeting leaders – said less than half of their weekly meetings were productive. And nearly 60% of meeting leaders spend an average of six or more minutes troubleshooting a technology issue once it occurs.

Bottom line: it’s time for a new solution to our campus meeting room problems, and the answer lies in data capture.

Read the full Facilities Manager article here.