Chef’s Choice: The Importance of Room Menus

For customers looking to install new meeting room technology, the whole process may be met with an eye roll. And this isn’t surprising. Often, the first things that come to mind are the long downtimes when no one can use the rooms, costly upgrades and new, overly complex systems that employees will struggle to learn.

This is an all-too-common problem for meeting room projects, but it doesn’t need to be this way. That’s where RoomReady’s Room Menus come into play.

What are Room Menus?

Room Menus provide a shortcut to the ideal result—a meeting room that works the same way, every time. These Room Menus are pre-determined, standard room designs based on proven solutions that drastically cut down the planning and decision-making process. With this kind of approach, customers can take advantage of repeatable best practices, simple designs and, most importantly, speedy estimates and implementations.

Rooms that work

RoomReady’s Room Menus are developed by AV engineers that have mastered meeting room technology. Each menu option maximizes a meeting space’s potential based on past successful designs, from huddle rooms to large, divisible training rooms.

And, each one is built with user experience top-of-mind and has a clear functional narrative built right in. Having a consistent user interface in each room in an office means employees will know how to work all the meeting rooms at their company.

Having customers choose from a Room Menu also speeds up the installation process because room details are already finely tuned, resulting in less troubleshooting. Pre-designed rooms also allow for offsite assembly. Together, this means faster installation, which means less meeting room downtime and more time for collaboration.

Starting at the end

It’s a lengthy process having customers pick every new piece of technology. And then you still have to make sure that that technology works together and will work in the space.

Instead, by having standard rooms, anywhere from 80-100% of the room is pre-decided. Room Menus include fully created renderings that help customers visualize the end product quickly and easily, cutting out the back and forth between sales and solutions architects.

But this is not to say that rooms can’t be tweaked to meet your specific needs. Although many of the rooms are pre-designed, Room Menus can still be personalized to fit specific needs, such as different meeting platforms and varying meeting room sizes and shapes. By starting with standard rooms and then altering the few items that need updating, the amount of time needed for the planning process is cut down.

Consider Room Menus for your next project

When you eat at a restaurant, the server doesn’t bring you a list of ingredients and expect you to come up with a dish you’d like to eat. Instead, an expert chef designs specific dishes, and you pick from the given choices.

So why should designing and assembling meeting rooms be any different?

By using room menus, where most of the details are already worked out, integrators can provide customers with estimates on day one and quickly provide a comprehensive bill of materials, so everyone knows what to expect. In fact, integrators using Room Menus can often stand up a meeting room before competitors can even provide a quote.

Whatever your meeting room needs, we’re ready to help you serve up the best solutions possible with Room Menus. Contact us today to learn more.

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