RoomReady and ConvergeOne lead the charge to simplify a Cisco-enabled executive boardroom for one consumer goods company

Executive boardrooms are pivotal spaces. These meeting rooms are often used by senior leaders and board members to discuss the company’s most pressing issues and opportunities. If technology complications arise during these discussions, it can hinder productivity and overall meeting success, as well as create headaches for the company’s AV support team.

This was the case for one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturers. Unfortunately, the 7,500-employee company had several meeting rooms with inefficiently installed technology and multiple user interfaces, resulting in audio issues, unwanted complexity and inconsistent usability between rooms. Of greatest concern: the company’s executive boardroom, which featured three different touch panels from three different brands – each responsible for controlling a different aspect of the room. Tasks as simple as opening and closing the blinds required searching through different devices to find the right button.

The company needed a single point of control for all executive boardroom functions – before any more meetings ended in frustration.

A trusted partnership to transform the boardroom

To simplify its executive boardroom, the consumer goods manufacturer turned to IT services provider ConvergeOne. The goal was for everything to be controlled through a single touch panel. With this in mind, ConvergeOne tapped RoomReady for the project because of their expertise working with Cisco.

ConvergeOne invited the RoomReady team on-site to quickly reevaluate and reassess their customer’s highly visible meeting space. RoomReady executed the project through its proven process, The RoomReady Way, aiming to eliminate complexities and variables in the meeting room, and creating consistent, dependable results. RoomReady determined the best course of action would be to use the room’s Cisco Touch 10 panel as a single, user-friendly interface that integrated the functions of all three panels – delivering the simplicity the client needed.

A simple, consistent meeting experience delivered in three days

RoomReady started the integration process by reorganizing the room around the Cisco codec, using it for audio, video and call control. All other elements of the room were then reprogrammed to work seamlessly with the codec, starting with the Touch 10 panel. Instead of removing the room’s existing Crestron controller, however, RoomReady realigned it. The controller would continue to manage room features such as light and shade control, but by integrating the controls with the Touch 10 panel, all room feature would be accessible through the Touch 10 alone – allowing RoomReady to remove the extraneous touch panels.

Thanks to ConvergeOne’s and RoomReady’s expertise, the joint team transformed the manufacturer’s executive boardroom system in just three days – one day ahead of schedule. The result: a simplified, consistent conferencing experience managed from the Cisco Webex application (mobile or web) in unison with one Cisco Touch 10 panel, retaining the company’s core investment in their Cisco infrastructure.

By centering the executive boardroom’s design on the native features of the Cisco codec, ConvergeOne and RoomReady offered a scalable model – giving the manufacturer a consistent interface if it chose to simplify additional meeting spaces in the future. For the time being, however, the company’s leaders are pleased that their executive boardroom technology enables them to focus on successful meeting discussions – not on the interruptions from unnecessary AV complexity.

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