When and Where You Need Us: The Importance of a Flexible Integrator

In an ideal world, audiovisual integrators kick off a project from the start and see it through to the end. But the reality is, this doesn’t always happen. Projects start out strong but then hit pause for a number of reasons. Business priorities change. Dollars are reallocated. Project sponsors leave. The list goes on.

While most integrators provide full end-to-end solutions, customers often want the flexibility to work with integrators on just one or two aspects of an overall project. For integrators, this creates unique opportunities, but also challenges.

This shift in consumer buying behavior forces integrators to reexamine how they sell their services, as well as how they collaborate with partners and customers. The result? Successful integrators are realizing the importance of service and support flexibility, offering customers a number of options that “plug in” to any project.

What exactly do we mean by service and support flexibility?

In any given project, integrators can be tapped to provide:

  • Room design
  • Room installation
  • Room auditing
  • Room certification or recertification
  • Post-installation support

Or really, any combination of the above.

So, to provide amazing service, integrators must address individual project needs.

The Secret to Flexibility? Seamless Operations

But let’s remember, providing the service is hardly enough. Any decent integrator can pull an item from the above list and deliver for a client.

The real secret to flexibility is how they provide the service. Specifically, do they disrupt the existing process workflow or seamlessly integrate into it?

As mentioned, the goal is to “plug in” to any project. This means providing seamless service without adding complexity to the existing process/workflow. The goal is, instead, to complement it while providing industry expertise.

Remember, integrators are hired to solve problems, not create them. So, process changes or alterations introduced by integrators might derail the project or bring distrust to the existing process.

RoomReady: Your Flexible Integrator

At RoomReady, we love making things simple. And there’s no easier way to simplify processes than plugging in when and where our partners need us.

Did you know we do Video Room Assessments? These can be a full-blown engagement to inventory equipment in all rooms all the way through implementing the upgrades needed. Or we can simply come in and do a health-check and software update on rooms that have been sitting idle during the pandemic. That’s the kind of flexibility we offered a Northeastern U.S. Bank.

Another example, we simplify things that weren’t designed well from the start. We partnered with ConvergeOne to do just that for a large consumer package goods brand.

We’d love to show you what we can do for your organization. Contact us to learn more.