The RoomReady Review – February 2021

The RoomReady Review - September 2020
Vol 12 • February 2021
When and Where You Need Us: The Importance of a Flexible Integrator
RoomReady Hires Dave Hatz to Lead Its Technology Team
Cisco working to add 3D to Webex
All partners and integrators have their trusted processes. But what happens when these processes collide during a joint project? And, more importantly, what impact does this have on the end users’ results?

At RoomReady, while we always prepare for the “whole enchilada,” the truth is we’re often asked to fill in based on our partners’ specific needs. Just a meeting room design? Check. A re-certification? Happy to help. The list goes on.

So how do we overcome the process collision? Simple. Our goal is to smoothly integrate ourselves into your process where, when and how you need us. We know that your customers’ trust you, so we want to be there to support you and make you look like the hero.
Remember, integrators should make projects easier, not more complex. So focus on working with those that are flexible and accommodating to your project and process needs.

Aaron McArdle
CEO, RoomReady 
When and Where You Need Us: The Importance of a Flexible Integrator
In an ideal world, integrators kick off a project from the start and see it through to the end. But the reality is, this doesn’t always happen. Projects start out strong but then hit pause for a number of reasons. Business priorities change. Dollars are reallocated. Project sponsors leave. The list goes on.

While most integrators provide full end-to-end solutions, customers often want the flexibility to work with integrators on just one or two aspects of an overall project. For integrators, this creates unique opportunities, but also challenges.

say the primary goal of meeting room improvements is to create a better experience 
Creating a flexible, yet consistent approach – no matter the client ask – is the key to consistent user experiences.
RoomReady Hires Dave Hatz to Lead Its Technology Team

We’re thrilled to announce that Dave Hatz has joined the RoomReady team as our VP of Technology. Hatz is responsible for continually improving the technology behind RoomReady’s AV products and services, overseeing integration services, platform management, IT and engineering.

Case Study: Global Lifestyle Brand

Check out our newest case study, which showcases our approach to installing more than 40 meeting rooms and event spaces for a Fortune 100 lifestyle brand.
Cisco wants to use 3D so Webex meeting participants feel like they’re in the room
Cisco is working to innovate its Webex platform to create more productive meetings by using 3D technology to bring virtual participants to an in-person meeting.
Zoom Rooms tweaks aim to bolster a safe reopening of offices
Zoom recently announced upcoming updates to its Zoom Rooms suite to support businesses that continue to give employees the option to work remotely once offices fully reopen.

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