The RoomReady Review – September 2020

The RoomReady Review - September 2020
Vol 6 • September 2020
Three Installation Best Practices That Can Make or Break a Project
WFH Fatigue: Tools for Your Team
RoomReady Design Engineer Joins Commercial Integrator’s 40 Influencers Under 40
Thanks to COVID-19, we’ve seen a tremendous uptick in video conference platform usage, and frankly, we don’t see things slowing down once more and more employees return to the office. And with greater usage comes an opportunity for audio-visual (AV) integrators to stand out from the crowd.

Surprised? If so, let’s dig a little deeper….

Adjusted office processes to combat COVID-19 means that meeting rooms will no longer see the same capacity limits and more employees will move towards permanent remote environments. As a result, the reliance on video solutions we’ve seen over the past 6 months is only going to grow. 

AV integrators will be presented with an open door to stand out in a crowd. As front-line workers, their ability to ensure smooth and efficient installations that follow COVID-19 guidelines and procedures will be necessary across office environments. 

It presents a welcome shift in the industry; one where proven business partners have the ability to bring a strategic approach to installations. Where installers bring problem-solving to unique situations. And where installers don’t just do the job but do it right. 

Now is the perfect time to go above and beyond the norm and strive to meet even the most unique client’s needs, so I encourage you to ask how you can improve your installations.


Aaron McArdle
CEO, RoomReady 
Three Installation Best Practices That Can Make or Break a Project
Meeting room installations require more than simply connecting wires and fulfilling orders. It’s the practice that brings project plans to life but is also the time when unexpected problems often surface. Things like incompatible equipment, unforeseen roadblocks and other challenges can quickly derail installations and bring customers more headaches than help. 

say the room itself is a challenge to productivity
When it comes to successful meetings, the technology is only as good as the room it’s in. Take the time to understand meeting room needs to ensure that the technology and space work together in harmony.  
WFH Fatigue: Tools for Your Team

In our latest blog post, Phil McArdle, Chief Heart Officer at RoomReady, breaks down a few tools to keep your team productive and happy during this extended work-from-home period.  

Return to Work: Meeting Rooms in the New Normal

RoomReady and Teknion recently hosted a webinar looking at the 8 challenges for meeting rooms in the new normal.

RoomReady AV Design Engineer Named to Commercial Integrator's 40 Influencers Under 40
Chelsea Summers has been named to the 40 Commercial Integrator Influencers Under 40 Class of 2020. She was recognized for working on multiple national and international accounts and specializing in helping clients develop AV meeting room standards across their organization. 

Cisco Acquires BabbleLabs
Cisco is acquiring AI-based Noise Removal Firm BabbleLabs to further improve its video conferencing platform. BabbleLabs's technology cuts out unwanted noises like barking dogs, loud vehicles driving by and lawnmowers. I think we can all agree this is a great addition when working from home. 

The Pandemic Brings Longer Workdays, but Shorter Meetings
A recent study has shown that remote work has made the average workday longer, and we're having more meetings than ever before. Don't forget to manage the work-life balance to stay productive and happy!