The RoomReady Review – October 2020

The RoomReady Review - September 2020
Vol 7 • October 2020
Three Tips for Virtual Support Success
RoomReady Installs Classroom Technology Solutions for COVID-19 Era and Beyond
Cisco Simplifies Webex User Experience with Major Update
The rapid growth of virtual environments has forever changed the nature of audio visual (AV) service requests. Remote work means lots of work locations and new types of support needs.

So how can support teams adjust? At RoomReady, we take the approach of “One Remote, All Remote.” Specifically, we feel that location and circumstance shouldn’t matter when it comes to creating a consistent meeting experience. Support teams must, therefore, provide reliable customer support and ongoing care, no matter the environment – physical or virtual.

Of course, this is easier said than done with the majority of the workforce working within remote settings. Support teams must conquer challenges related to helping remote and in-office workers overcome equipment and software issues. Disparate systems and equipment must be addressed virtually until the pandemic has passed – and likely, afterward, too.

It is pretty clear that companies will continue to operate with a remote-work mentality for the foreseeable future. And, end users want to know we can support them in any working environment. To thrive in this new landscape, support professionals must make sure they are ready to face these challenges – head on.


Aaron McArdle
CEO, RoomReady 
Three Tips for Virtual Support Success
According to a recent Forbes article, COVID-19 has propelled the world 50 years into the future, ushering in a predominantly virtual environment. And as the world has gone virtual, so, too, has meeting room support.

Although employees may be returning to the office, most meetings continue to be virtual as social distancing measures remain in place. Consequently, most employees are relying upon support teams to provide timely assistance for their various video conferencing issues. 

of meeting leaders say that at least 1 in 10 meetings result in a service call with the IT department.
Service calls to IT are not going anywhere in today’s virtual environment. If anything, they may be rising. Ensure teams are prepared to address virtual support requests in a timely and efficient manner. 
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RoomReady Installs Classroom Technology Solutions for the COVID-19 Era and Beyond
Earlier this summer, meeting room technology provider RoomReady took the assignment to help one New York City-based school, United Nations International School (UNIS) prepare for hybrid learning in amid the pandemic.

Cisco Simplifies Webex User Experience with Major Update
Cisco is enhancing user experience with new features to its Webex platform. Among the new capabilities are the ability to pin specific users or speakers, a new way to switch added virtual backgrounds, and the ability to hide non-video participants. Additional noise cancelling capabilities will also be added courtesy of Cisco’s recent acquisition of BabbleLabs. 

What Will Touchless Collaboration in Meeting Rooms Look Like?
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