RoomReady installs classroom technology solutions for the COVID-19 era and beyond

NORMAL, ILLINOIS (October 13, 2020) – As students prepared to return to the classroom this fall, administrators faced a new challenge – defining what learning looked like in a pandemic world. While there were many unknowns, one thing was for sure: if one student was remote, schools needed a plan to create a consistent hybrid learning experience for everyone.

Earlier this summer, meeting room technology provider RoomReady took the assignment to help one New York City-based school, United Nations International School (UNIS), create such a plan – and delivered a solution that will improve the classroom both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a new case study, RoomReady details the steps involved in refreshing each classroom with the audio/visual technology needed to create an equitable experience for in-room and virtual learners. Integrating the school’s existing smartboards and laptops with new monitors and AV carts, RoomReady and WPG, a managed service provider, ensured students at home could see and hear the teacher as if they were in the room. The new solution also enabled teachers to share their screens with virtual learners, allowing students to interact with their lesson in real time.

UNIS was in a time crunch, with fewer than 100 days to find and install the solution, and RoomReady and WPG completed the install across 150 rooms in only three weeks. The school now has audio/visual technology that not only empowers collaboration through the pandemic, but will also enrich its curriculum once teaching returns to normal.

“Every field faces problems reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, but schools must contend with two major complexities – keeping kids safe and healthy, while also keeping them engaged even when virtual. At the same time, when schools invest in new tech, they’re considering how each solution will continue adding value post-pandemic,” said Aaron McArdle, CEO at RoomReady. “We’re excited our innovations with WPG will enhance classrooms for years to come.”

For the full classroom case study, and to learn more about how RoomReady solutions have improved meeting spaces in the healthcare and financial services industries, visit our website.

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