RoomReady shares its proven room transformation process in IFMA’s FMJ Magazine

For facilities managers, prioritizing long-term projects can be a challenge. You’ve got day-to-day tasks such as monitoring staff and inspecting the property for safety. But you should make time for the longer-term projects, too – especially if your office operates in a hybrid structure and you need to accommodate virtual work. What kind of audio-visual meeting solutions will your company need? And how can you improve them to maximize productivity?

How to Transform a Meeting Room for Hybrid Meetings

In a new article with IFMA’s FMJ magazine, I explore the steps a successful project manager should take to oversee a room transformation. It’s a brief intro to the strategy we take whenever we launch a new project.

Assess and Personalize

Identify who will be using the room and how they’re using it. Every element of the room, down to the chairs you select, depends on these two questions.

Assemble and Install

Work closely with internal and external teams to ensure schedules are aligned and deadlines are met. You can’t afford to be without the space for long, so the installation process must be quick and effective.

Certify and Improve

Work with your technology providers to confirm every aspect of the system is delivered as intended and works as it should. Use the data you’re gathering from each meeting to ensure the room continues functioning in tip-top shape.

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