Meet Your Consultant: The AV Integrator

The technology has been selected and is ready to be installed. All that’s left is to hire an AV integrator to quickly connect the solution and you’re all set, right? Technically…yes…but are you getting everything you can out of your integrator?

All too often, people think implementation is where creativity ends. The reality is, however, this is where creativity actually begins. Without getting bogged down thinking about existing technology, today’s savvy integrators look at themselves as proven AV consultants, providing their customers and IT partners with ideas regarding technology optimizations and introducing new, unique solutions.

Integrators are more than turn-key implementers. Integrators worth their salt are consultative partners – offering suggestions to make meeting rooms less complex and more engaging. They invest in the long-term success of meeting rooms rather than merely connecting the hardware. At a minimum, good integrators help maximize hardware usage, while recommending best practices and ways to optimize meeting room space.

If your current integrator isn’t making these types of recommendations, it will be nearly impossible for either of you to fully realize your investment’s potential.

Think about it this way: When you choose an integrator, you stake your reputation on the integrators’ project success. Are you willing to put that sort of trust into someone who is there to just “get the job done?”

So, what should you expect from a consultative integrator? The simple answer is questions. Specifically, your integrator should inquire about:

  • How the room is currently being used
  • Why the new technology was selected
  • What features/functions of the new technology will be most utilized
  • Goals for the new technology
  • Any layout plans that cannot be altered

With this information, integrators can make the necessary adjustments to both get your technology running while also helping you work towards your future goals.

For example, at RoomReady, we follow our consultative processes, The RoomReady Way, to bring a personalized approach to each project.

Within our model, we begin with an assessment, where we look at existing rooms and work with potential customers and their IT partners to identify and understand their meeting room needs. We then deliver personalized recommendations to simplify and maximize meeting rooms. By going beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, we can create rooms that align with a company’s goals and objectives.

Regardless of changing and improving technologies, we feel this approach ensures meeting room success while positioning us as more than just an integrator, but as a trusted solutions provider.

So, whether you’re a partner or customer, we encourage you to expect more than the expected when it comes to AV integrations.

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