Letter from CEO Aaron McArdle – May 2021

Webex. Teams. Zoom. Ask three employees which one they prefer and you’ll likely get three different answers. And while this isn’t a problem when working remotely from personal computers, the reality is that meetings will soon return to meeting rooms…many of which won’t be able to easily switch between platforms.

It should come as no surprise then that multi-platform and interoperability are starting to dominate meeting room tech conversations, as users and tech managers alike are scrambling to make sure their rooms can meet new user demands.

If you haven’t begun thinking about the role of your meeting room with return-to-work, now is the time. Think about your employees, partners and customers and how you currently interact with them. Is this easily transferrable to a video meeting room environment? If not, take the time to explore which options make sense for your organization, from bringing your own meeting (BYOM) and mobile carts to interoperable hardware upgrades, or even something else.

Need help getting started? Consider connecting with our Tech Lab, where we will explore options best suited for your rooms.

The age of multi-platform is upon us, so let’s make sure we’re prepared.

Aaron McArdle
CEO, RoomReady