RoomReady Launches its State-of-the-Art Tech Lab to Help Businesses Solve Their Meeting Room Challenges

NORMAL, ILLINOIS – June 24, 2021 – Meeting room technology provider RoomReady announces the launch of its state-of-the-art Tech Lab — a place where technology managers can identify their true meeting room needs and then pressure-test potential solutions in a staged meeting room environment.

Whether companies are focused on a short-term meeting room strategy around their employees returning to work or a longer term one, the Tech Lab helps solve a variety of challenges, including:

• Creating multi-platform environments
• Ensuring the meeting room experience provides digital equity for in-person and remote participants
• Optimizing ROI while delivering solutions based on short and long term end user needs

“The Tech Lab is purpose built to help our customers actually experience the solutions they are looking to implement before they commit resources,” says Dave Hatz, VP of Technology at RoomReady. “Whether customers are looking to understand which video platform is the best fit, assess the user experience that results from specific devices, or find a way to pivot when supply chain constraints change their plans, the Tech Lab enables our customers to actually test possible solutions scenarios. The result is they quickly gain confidence and can make informed decisions in an evolving world.”

RoomReady’s Tech Lab also offers:

• User experience comparisons between meeting platforms
• Camera testing
• Interoperable solutions assessment
• Needs analysis, including budget, by environment
To learn more about the Tech Lab, visit

About RoomReady
At RoomReady, our goal is to help you check meeting tech complexity at the door. Our innovations allow you to launch a meeting and connect colleagues across the room or around the world with a single touch. And our rapid-install teams ensure you get all of this in days, not weeks. The end result? Greater productivity, reduced costs, and a consistent user experience. If your rooms cause more frustration than collaboration, go with the team that’s committed to continually improving the meeting experience – one room at a time. RoomReady: We innovate. You collaborate. For more information, visit