Three Reasons Why Room Menus Work Best

Three quarters of the way through 2021, one of the few things Technology Leaders know for certain is there remains a tremendous amount of uncertainty. The way employees expect to collaborate when they return to the office has changed, and many are searching for ways to ensure the experience delivered in-office provides additional value not found through remote work. Still, the timing of a return-to-office is largely unknown, as is the pace and frequency with which employees will actually return.

There are many variables that factor into determining how and when employees will return to the office, which makes it difficult for Technology Leaders to assess what their meeting rooms and spaces will need. The conventional process for buying from an AV integrator is long and complex. That is not going to work when meeting room needs are evolving, but also immediate. Instead of the traditional process, Tech Leaders need a way to speed things up.

At RoomReady, we obsess over the fact that simple is better and speed matters. One way we deliver simple solutions quickly is through room menus. Room menus are proven room solutions with standard pricing. They are designed to make the purchase, installation, and support of video rooms easy for end users and partners.


Three Benefits of Room Menus

1 – Standard solutions reduce disruption from staff changes

The Great Resignation is real. Workers around the world are changing jobs and companies more frequently, and turnover causes disruption in a business. By establishing standard solutions for meeting room technology, guidelines are established for which video implementation projects to continue with minimal interruption. Whether an existing employee is taking over or a new employee is hired to come in, there is no need to “reinvent the wheel” because the standards remain in place.

2 – Variety of room types to pivot when your space needs change

When will employees return to the office? How many will return? What kind of work will they be doing when in the office? Honestly, the answer is no one really knows. Room menus allow us to quickly consider options for what a room could be and provide a transactable quote reflecting the cost to implement, often the same day. Also, when the need of a spaces pivots from one use to another, we can easily make that change happen.

3 – Pre-designed solutions are ready and quick to deploy

Speed matters and our pre-designed solutions allow projects to move fast! By asking a few questions about the desired user experience and use cases for a room, we can pull together all the information needed to move the project forward. Room menus come complete with a prebuilt project plan, detailed infrastructure and installation drawings and functional narrative.


Room menus provide consistency and flexibility, which is both needed and rare. If you’re looking for options to help you navigate video options for your meeting spaces, reach out and will see if room menus are an answer for your company.


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