Optimize your meeting room experience

At the end of the day, you want simple, reliable and hassle-free meeting room experiences that require little IT support. That’s why we design solutions around a collection of innovative products that help speed-up your installation, increase the efficiency of your service and simplify your user experience.

RoomReady provides it all: from customized software we load on video endpoints that automate the room to third-party platforms that gather and analyze meeting space-specific data. Always searching for new improvements to the meeting room, our products are a testament to our pursuit of innovation.

RoomReady Wall Mount for Cisco Touch 10

Untether meeting spaces with RoomReady’s wall mounts designed for Cisco Touch 10 devices. They allow companies to have the same Cisco interface across all meeting rooms, creating a clean, cord-free, consistent meeting experience.

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RoomReady Set

Say goodbye to cables and hello to our patented wall-mounted rack, RoomReady Set. Built with single-piece 11-gauge steel, Set neatly houses tech equipment out of sight – behind the mounted display – allowing the presentation to become the room’s focus. With Set you get faster installation because you can pre-assemble small systems, so they arrive onsite ready to go. It’s easier to service because the articulating mount gives access to components. And it costs less thanks to a simple design that reduces construction costs.

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Third Party Products

Meeting Room Intelligence with Vyopta

Whether you’re working with 10 meeting spaces or 1,000, our tech partner Vyopta provides visibility across all meeting rooms to help companies reduce blind spots and use data to make better decisions. By integrating insights from multi-vendor Unified Communications (UC) and IoT devices, Vyopta delivers the collaboration intelligence to connect people, spaces and technology – resulting in great user experiences.

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Collaborative Conferencing with Oblong

In today’s work-from-anywhere environment, the need for visual collaboration across multiple users, screens, devices and locations is common. Our tech partner Oblong’s Mezzanine makes video telepresence, laptop, application and whiteboard sharing easy, regardless of where employees and customers are located, whether virtually, in-person or a combination.

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