RoomReady makes Room for Heart with new podcast highlighting personalities in AV technology

NORMAL, ILLINOIS – Jan. 19, 2021 – Meeting room technology provider RoomReady today announced a new look at the heart of audio-visual technology. Room for Heart, RoomReady’s first ever podcast series, introduces listeners to the unique stories of AV innovators across industries. The first three episodes are now available to stream on all major podcast platforms.

Rather than taking a heavy focus on tech, Room for Heart explore the human side of AV. Each podcast features host Phil McArdle, RoomReady’s chief heart officer, chatting with a guest about their passion for AV technology, their careers and the personal journeys that got them where they are today.

In the first three episodes, Phil talks with:

  • Gerry Genna, collaboration partner development manager at Cisco Systems and Phil’s longtime friend. Gerry shares some personal stories, including the gratitude he has for the small things his Italian immigrant parents did for him – despite having very little – and how that has shaped who he’s become today.


  • Brent McArdle, Phil’s father and musician turned rural high school principal turned education consultant. Brent McArdle uses his talents to improve America’s public secondary schools through video conferencing. The two McArdles take a walk down memory lane – to a time before school computer labs had internet.


  • Sunil Botadra, founder and vice president of engineering at AV Design Labs. Sunil started his A/V career in India, gained experience, talent and passion for the AV industry and opened his own company. He shares his journey from his days in India to moving to the states and living the American dream.


“Room for Heart is a great forum for swapping stories with and introducing the personalities of old friends and new friends in the AV industry,” said Phil McArdle. “It’s important for RoomReady to have a venue for highlighting the people behind the scenes and sharing what makes each guest’s heart beat fast to come to work every day.”

Listeners can subscribe to Room for Heart on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher and iHeartRadio. Video of each session can be found on YouTube at