We Make Video Work

And the HD video isn’t the only thing we make look good…

  • What Makes Us Different

    Room Ready rooms feature state of the art, award winning Cisco products. Leveraging the latest audio visual technology, our solutions provide cutting edge features you desire with the reliability and ease of use which you demand. After all, what good is technology if no one can use it.

  • Who is RoomReady?

    Room Ready is a division of Zdi, a global leader in AV integration and the first company in the world to get an integrated room solution certified as ‘Cisco compatible.’ We understand that video can be the most powerful communication tool available, provided people can actually use it. Simplicity is the key to any successful implementation. But “simplicity” should never be confused with “simple.” Our integrated rooms are packed with all the features you would expect from a cutting edge system — multiple displays, simultaneous video inputs, active speaker tracking, true HD picture quality, stereo sound, all combined with a user-friendly interface that allows you to start or join a meeting with the press of a button. This combination of features and ease of use means that our systems pass the only real test of any AV system — people will actually use it.

  • It’s Your Network

    Over the years, we’ve seen AV and IT fight over control of the network. That’s not how we work. Our job is to deliver solutions that work for you; solutions that meet your needs; and products that don’t burden your department with support requirements. We work with IT. Together, we can boost the productivity of your organization. And we’ll let you take the credit.

  • Plug & Play

    We understand the value of your time. In order to minimize the disruption of a project like this, we pre-stage all of the components at our facility. This means that when we show up to do an installation, we’re not trying to make things work. Everything already works. We’re simply installing it in your space.