When ordering Cisco endpoints, there are several options, and one of them is a spare. This part number provides exactly what it says it will, a spare. So, let’s say you order an SX80 spare part number, it will not come with power cables, phoenix connectors, rack ears, or anything else, just a codec. Sometimes this is what you expect but other times we see this happen and it slows down and install. We have seen an uptick in orders of spare quad cameras recently, and that spare does NOT come with the power supply or mounting brackets.

Be careful what you order. You may also reach out to your RoomReady project manager or engineer for help!

Cisco launched a 2nd generation T10 panel with its newest Room Series endpoints. The new panel has some changes, but the original RoomReady wall mount can work with some slight adaptations. The image on the left explains how you can edit your existing mount; or if you are ordering new, just let us know you have generation 2 touch panels and we will pre-cut before it ships.

You can tell you have a generation 2 touch panel by looking for the Cisco logo. The generation 2 panels have a Cisco logo on the front and the generation 1 panels do not.

Touch 10 Wall Mount by RoomReady allows the Cisco Touch to be mounted on the wall instead of your table. It eliminates cords to trip on and frees you to use the room how you want instead of being tethered by what the cords will let you do.

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